self deconstruction / superficial (CD/BTR-009)

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2010年代のGRIND、HARDCOREのシーンの中でも最も注目を集めたバンドの一つに数えられる"self deconstruction"の2012年作1stアルバムが、MIXのやり直し、楽曲の追加、デザインの刷新をして遂に再発!豪華紙ジャケ仕様!
オリジナル盤の制作枚数はなんと200枚。現在のself deconstructionの状況を考えれば当然の事ではあるが、今では中古市場において高額で取引され、世界中からWANTの声が上がっていた一枚。当時は男女ツインボーカルではあったが、スタイルは今と変わらず、常軌を逸したまでの勢いで繰り出されるショートカットチューンの応酬。勿論現在でもライブでプレイされる楽曲も含まれている。さらに今作は当時レコーディングされながら収録されなかった楽曲2曲が追加され、オリジナルメンバーであるKuzuha氏がその手で全てのミックスをやり直した、完全補完盤となっている。

Among the most notable works of the 2010's GRIND and HARDCORE scenes, self deconstruction's first album "self deconstruction" ranks as a top pick. Their self-titled album from 2012 is now available renewed and remade, with additional songs and a new design. Oh, and let's not forget the fancy paper!
Only 200 copies were originally produced, which is understandable considering the band's situation then, but now these limited pressings are selling at high prices in used markets. Now, people are screaming "WANT" all over the world. At the time, the band had dual vocalists but their current solo vocalist style stays true to their songs' unpredictable momentum and force. Naturally, songs from this album are still played live today. In addition to the originals, this release contains 2 songs that were recorded but not included in the first release. All tracks have been reconstructed and perfected by founding member Kuzuha.

1.Self Deconstruction
2.Human Hater
3.Merry Go Round
5.Delusion, Confusion, and...
6.Last Dance
7.Band Of The Night
9.The Dog
10.He Is Gone
11.The Anger Which I Wait For
12.In The Circle
15.Dirge For My Death


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