THE ICONOCLAST / Domination Or Destruction (CD/BTR-005)

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言わずと知れた80年代USのアナーコ・ハードコア、そしてピース・パンク・シーンの代表バンド、THE ICONOCLASTのディスコグラフィーCDが遂にリリース。
性急で緊張感溢れる演奏や、妖艶な雰囲気のアルペジオパートなどで織り成される音楽的な素晴らしさは勿論の事ながら、パンク、ハードコアの音楽を通じてアニマルライツや反核、反権力などの運動に積極的に取り組む姿勢は大きく評価を受け、絶大なる影響力を示してきました。その影響力とは裏腹に、彼らの活動の軌跡の全てを追うのは現代においてなかなか難しく、2019年にUK/LONDONのSEALED RECORDSよりリリースされたディスコグラフィーLPに狂喜乱舞した方も多い事でしょう。今作はそのCD版になります。

With no need for introductions, the discography of THE ICONOCLAST, who represent the 80's US peace punk and anarcho-hardcore scene, is now available here on CD.
THE ICONOCLAST were activists engaged in animal rights, anti-nuclear, and anti-authority movements through their rendition of punk and hardcore which caught the eye of many with empowering influence. Not to mention their music, which wove arpeggios into raw performance, leaving us listeners tingling with chills.
Tracking down their releases in this day, contrary to the band's influence, used to be detective work until in 2019, London's SEALED RECORDS released the complete discography on vinyl. Many, many fans happy danced on that day. The CD version will be released here on BREAK THE RECORDS.
Boxed in a luxurious cardboard sleeve accompanied by a 12-page booklet, all 13 songs from THE ICONOCLAST's self-released cassette and 7" have been vividly remastered for this new release.

1.After The Massacre
2.The End
3.Death Race
4.Bodies, Bones And Skulls
6.Things Of Beauty
7.Not Me
8.Domination Or Destruction
9.Prisoners Of Existence
10.Battlefields / Things Of Beauty
11.In These Times...
12.Battlefields (Nightmare)


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