etæ / All Possibilities Will Come From There (CD/BTR-104)

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制御不能なまでに暴れまわるリズム隊に、メロディックなギターリフが絡みつく。己が魂を歌い上げるその咆哮には心が揺さ振られる事だろう。不器用なまでに真っすぐに突き進んで行く。これぞHAKODATE CITY HARDCOREだ。

In the northernmost prefecture of Japan lies the legendary hardcore scene of Hakodate city. This city rooted bands like CRUDE and MUSTANG to grow into the giants they have become, while etæ evolved Hakodate. etæ’s discography is now available on CD.
Each song roars with untamed rhythms entwined by melodic riffs, shaking our hearts due north. Yet on this journey though their music, we curiously stumble on the roots of the soul. Put simply: This is HAKODATE CITY HARDCORE.
The discography clocks in a total of 13 songs on two 7”s. Although it compiles many releases, the consistency of etæ’s style creates something of an album of its own. Long live the music and the love of the northern land.

01.Rotten To The Core
03.Carve The End
05.Don't Throw Away The "Possible", Pursue A Fight
06.Mind Sight
08.Protect Oneself
09.絶望の時 (Desperate Time)
10.Proof Of True, Proof Of Power
11.悲劇 (Tragedy)
12.Go Ahead
13.時代を超えて (Over The Times)


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